March 7, 2016
What is Equitel Money and How Does It Work?
March 15, 2016

What is Airtel Money and How Does It Work?



Two words should pop up when thinking about handling your cash, Airtel Money. Standing at 3 million subscribers, Airtel Money is a mobile commerce service that helps you carry out transaction and buy and pay for goods and services whenever you like. With a click of a button, Airtel Money is a basic tool that can be used in everyday life.

Getting Started

Airtel money is available only to registered Airtel customers. Owning a registered Airtel SIM qualifies you to use Airtel Money. Airtel account opening is pretty easy and fast. To activate your Airtel Money, visit an Airtel Agent who will provide you with a registration form you have to fill and show a copy of your original National ID and submit a copy of the same. The Airtel Agent will then activate your phone with Airtel Money and you are free to explore and enjoy the services. Airtel Money registration is absolutely free!

Airtel Money Services

With Airtel money, there is a whole lot you can do.  You can access mobile commerce services such as;


  • Money transfer across all networks- You can send and receive money using Airtel Money anytime. Transferring money to other networks at a reasonable fee. Money deposits can be made through Airtel Money agents.
  • Buying airtime for your phone or for another- Using Airtel Money, you may purchase airtime for your phone or send airtime to another Airtel customer.
  • Accessing and managing your bank account- Airtel Money enables you to link your bank account to your phone, making it possible to check your balance, send money from your phone to your bank account, and vice versa. However, as of now, the bank service is only available to Standard Chartered Bank, Housing Finance and Co-operative Bank account holders.
  • Paying bills and services- From your water bill, to the electricity bill and decoder, Airtel money allows you to pay for your bills quicker and at no cost.
  • Withdrawing cash at selected ATMs an agents- Using an Airtel Visa Card, you can withdraw money at selected ATMS. If withdrawing using an Airtel Money agent, withdrawal charges vary depending on the amount. The withdrawal charges lie between Ksh9-330 with the Ksh50 being the least amount you can withdraw and Ksh70, 000 the largest amount.


Airtel Money indeed has revolutionized how we handle our money. It has made it faster, reliable and secure. How? You may ask.   Airtel money is preferred due to its numerous advantages. Besides its convenient and secure attribute, one feature of Airtel Money that makes it stand out from other mobile money transfer services is that sending money to other Airtel users cost zero shillings, it is completely free. Also, you can pay for Jambo Jet plane ticket using Airtel Money at your own comfort. With Airtel airtime to help you surf, make calls, and send messages, Airtel treats its customers by giving exceptional offers, such as the 25% bonus airtime for customers who purchase at least Ksh50 and above worth of airtime from Airtel Money. With the easy money transfer, updated features, and friendly cost, there are numerous reasons to stick to Airtel Money or make that switch.

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