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In today's time, money matters a lot, people are working hard to earn money. Whether it's about a private job or a government job, the end goal is to earn money to live a happy life. But sometimes this is not enough, people start looking for some extra income or search for a job where they can earn as well as have peace of mind. Keeping this thing in mind, the culture of work from home was initiated, but it changed the whole concept of working in an office dramatically.

Now with the help of internet one can easily find an online job and can work as per his timings and requirement. In case you're searching for another approach to pay the bills, looking for more expert opportunities or simply cherish the flexibility that freelancing offers, doubtlessly there is no question why people cherish the advantages of expert freelancing. Since the demand of freelancing jobs is increasing day by day, several firms are participating in providing freelance jobs, not only it reduces their cost per employee, but also help them in finding the best available talent across the world.

There are a lot of aides for striking out all alone, yet as a freelancer, getting higher-paying projects isn't simply an issue of joining on well-known sites. You'll need to stretch out, build up an awesome portfolio of past work and possibly substantiate yourself through tests that showcase your abilities.

Here's a list of the top 15 websites, where you can search for freelancing jobs.

1. Upwork

With more than 1,500,000 customers, Upwork offers something for each one of the freelancer irrespective of their skill set. It suits short-and long haul ventures, hourly or per-venture work and master level and section level engagements. Notwithstanding where you are in your vocation, Upwork is liable to have something for you.

2. Toptal

With a particularly distinctive methodology than other sites on this list, Toptal is meant for talented and seasoned freelancers. Passing Toptal's screening process gives you unparalleled access to significant ventures with extraordinary customers and will avail you best compensation. You'll also get the opportunity to join the Toptal community for successive meetups and tech occasions.

3. Elance

Elance evacuates a ton of the hassle that accompanies freelancing. You can easily make a profile as soon as you register yourself with Elance without paying any dues; enjoy the payment protection method to guarantee you're generally paid for the hours you work. These the basic features you get here, rest you can explore by visiting the site.

4. Freelancer

It's quite different from all other freelancing sites, as it not only offers you a lot work opportunities, it also allows you to contend with different freelancers in challenges to demonstrate your skills. In case you're highly competent and sure about your skills, it's an extraordinary approach to showcase your abilities and pull in more clients.

5. Craigslist

Most of the people consider Craigslist to be only a platform for purchasing and offering miscellaneous products, it's really an awesome source of independent employments. You can without much of a stretch peruse for local offerings in case you want to have something in-office, or you can seek by real urban communities in case you are inclined towards working remotely.

6. Guru

This site lets you effortlessly showcase your past work experience and has a feature of offering work on a daily basis by matching your skills with the projects posted on the site, to ensure you don't pass up a great opportunity for any great open doors. The Guru Work Room lets you effectively deal with all your work.

7. 99designs

It is a great platform for independent designers. It gives you a chance to compete in various design challenges and avail feedback as clients pick the best ones. It's an extraordinary way for capable designers to demonstrate their abilities.

8. Peopleperhour

It's an extraordinary platform, concentrating on freelancing for web ventures. In case you're a designer, SEO expert, web developer, etc., peopleperhour is unquestionably worth looking at.

9. Freelancing Content Writing Gigs

Whether you're an essayist, editorial manager, blogger, distributor or any mix of those, Freelance content writing projects is an incredible choice for freelancers who know how to express their thoughts in words.

10. Demand Media

It is a platform for imaginative people who include filmmakers, writers, producers, photographers, designers, artists, etc. You work with the site to make the extraordinary substance, attract the audiences and can easily promote your skills.

11. College Recruiter

As the name may propose, College Recruiter is for undergrads or late graduates searching for independent occupations of any sort. Along with a hotspot for part time work, it can be an awesome approach to kick starts your profession.


12. GetACoder

This webpage is for independent authors, web planners and developers - precisely what little organizations need to get a site thought off the ground. GetACoder offers a large number of small scale ventures to browse.

13. iFreelance

This stage suits a portion of the standard suspects of the outsourcing scene (scholars, editors, coders, and so on.) additionally highlights independent advertisers too. Not at all like different sites, has iFreelance let you keep 100 percent of your income.

14. Project4hire

With several venture classifications, Project4hire makes it simple to distinguish occupations that suit your skill set, without looking over huge volumes of posts. It's incredible for coders, advisors, originators and that's just the beginning.

15. SimplyHired

With a more extensive territory than most other freelancing sites offer, SimplyHired is ideal for everyone from business people to developed laborers. It incorporates a site with employing tips, an organization catalog and area based hunt.

Whether you're a developer, architect, master, college student or something in the middle of, there's a freelancing sit out there for you. You can look at them to find the best suited job for you and start working on your terms. It's the best way of using the technology to make some money by suing your skill sets. You will not only earn money, but will get a confidence in your own skills, which will help you in your career path.

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