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August 9, 2016
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The Top Six Types of Freelance Writing Careers For You


This is the age of tremendous competition. Competition brings with it opportunities. However not everybody would seem lucky enough to land a great paying job. Maybe, even if one does, it does not guarantee complete job satisfaction. You need not have to worry at all. There are many alternative options for you to earn money in a legitimate manner. Freelance writing is one of them.

We shall discuss in brief some types of freelance writing jobs you can undertake. We shall also look at ways of performing the said jobs too.

1. Writing web content:

The internet is the most happening place in the world today. Every business enterprise has to have a unique webpage for it to attract visitors. The internet is the best platform to advertise their products. Hence, there is ample scope for writing web content. Web content is predominantly keyword based writing. You do not require any special qualification for this particular job. You should have certain basic qualities.

* You should be able to express your ideas in the most lucid manner possible.

* You should be able to deliver error free content on a regular basis.

* You should avoid plagiarism at any cost. This is the biggest evil a freelance writer can do. No one expects you to know everything thing in life. You may have to refer to the internet to gather information on the subject. However, you should refrain from copying words and sentences verbatim.

* You should be able to weave the keywords perfectly into the article so that they appear as part of the article.

* You should know the requisite keyword density. A very high density can trigger off spam alarms at many websites. A low density would not be able to do justice to the website at all. The key is to maintain a perfect balance.

2. Web Copying:

Web copying is actually writing promotional material for advertising websites. There is a basic difference between web content writing and web copying. Web content sites stock their websites with content in order to generate revenue. Web copying sites look more into generating traffic to their website. These sites lay more emphasis on fostering

public interest in a product or a service. In this type of writing job, you may or may not have to use the product before writing a review. The trick is to highlight the positive points in a product. Each product will be having its gray areas. You should not bring out the minor negative points. The idea is to generate public interest in a particular product. This is primarily a sales promotional write up. The job does not require very high qualifications. However, most sites prefer a decent knowledge of English Grammar.

3. Writing Blogs:

This is the most common methods of freelance writing used by people all over the world. You can write a blog about virtually anything in the world. There are instances of individual bloggers doing well. There are also many blog networks hiring freelance writers and paying them on article basis. You should be having adequate knowledge about the subject you write. You should have the capacity to do adequate research before posting your blog. Sincerity is of great importance. Many people read your blogs. They can easily find out insincere information.

4. News reporting:

There are many newspapers and magazines hiring freelance writers to write for them on a daily basis. However, this job involves a lot of travelling and creativity. You should be able to sift out the stories and weed out the unattractive news content. You can directly apply for these jobs at the websites of the newspaper firms. You should have good knowledge of the language you wish to write the report. Usually newspapers prefer people with a degree in newspaper journalism or communications. You should also have some experience is reporting news. This can prove handy for a newspaper freelancer. In case you wish to write for magazines, you should be having thorough knowledge of the subject. This is a specialist’s job.

5. Ghost writing assignments:

In this format of writing, you will be doing all the research by yourself and submit your work. That person may use your writings in his book or magazine under his own name without giving you any credit for the same. In return, they naturally pay you a fixed sum for each article. This is a popular form of freelance writing in vogue today. You can apply

for such jobs by surfing through the internet as well as the newspapers. You should have a command over the language. Subject wise, you always have the opportunity to research and write. However, sincerity is of prime importance in this kind of freelance writing.

6. Data-Entry jobs:

Many firms may be in the process of switching over to the online format of working. Such companies would require you to fill in data in a particular format usually in an Excel sheet. This job may not pay you that much. However, you will get a feel of the jobs in the internet and online field. You can use these jobs as a stepping-stone to your online freelance writing career.



You can do hundreds of jobs online on a freelance basis. However, we have only had a look at about six different kinds of jobs. However, you should note that you should be able to do justice to the job you undertake.

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