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August 9, 2016
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The most Ideal Withdrawal Techniques for Freelancers


Elance-Upwork (formerly Odesk), Fiverr, Freelancer, etc are examples of marketplaces for online freelance which have altered freelancers’ lives throughout the globe.

This is particularly in regard to productive people staying in numerous countries, either developing or underdeveloped, where getting permanent jobs is difficult and the jobs available underpay.

Nowadays, freelancing has become a successful revenue prospect, not only for people but for businesses, both small and big. Examples of countries whose freelancer inhabitants is high are; India, Australia, United States, UK, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Israel, Canada, Nepal, Hong Kong, Japan, Bangladesh, etc.

Famous classes of freelance jobs which generate huge incomes are:

* Writing and Translation

* IT and programming

* Legal consulting

* Sales and marketing

* Management and Administration

* Legal Consulting, etc

In case you intend to sign up to a freelance website, it is possible that you are asking yourself, ‘What selections do I have or techniques for obtaining payments?’

Numerous years ago, if you worked for an international client remotely, the only method you could use to obtain payment was through bank transfers to your local bank from banks abroad, which took weeks.

Nowadays, with services that are fast and simple such as Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill and SWIFT, you are able to send and receive cash to and from sections of the globe which are not developed at all.

Therefore, what payment selections are available for online freelances, sellers and marketers, that are widely accessible, simple to install and most helpful?

Below is a detailed explanation on among the most famous and ideal withdrawal techniques for freelancers in US and non-US

Payoneer Mastercard (Withdraw to Bank)

USD withdrawal with Payoneer

Payoneer is a favorite choice for withdrawal for online sellers or freelancers who desire to withdraw their income proceeds immediately, i.e. in hours or in two days.

I have now utilized it for nearly three years. It is a great choice also for wire transfers to banks in the locality and a wonderful substitute for PayPal for online business.

Payoneer is famous in states such as US, China, Japan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, etc. To make a withdrawal through Payoneer, you should initially register for Payoneer account. The procedure is very easy and making an application for the card is cost free.

You just need to register using your individual details such as Name, Address of the Street and Mailing Address (and number of post box if present). Your MasterCard is going to be sent here.

You can utilize shipping services also such as FedEx or UPS; however, these will be more costly. After you obtain the card, you need to key in your Payoneer account and utilize the number for debit card to activate.

You are then able to wire cash from Odesk or Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, etc to your Payoneer account.

Payoneer Mastercard

Following your depositing of cash in your Payoneer account, you can withdraw your income through bank transfer or the ATM in your locality by utilizing Payoneer MasterCard.

When making an ATM withdrawal, take care you do not make a withdrawal from a bank with elevated fee and withdrawal limit which is small. You will not incur any charges while utilizing Payoneer MasterCard for buying items online or at your neighboring supermarket

You can register for Payoneer in two methods:

The first method which is most popular is registering through a referral link to enable you to receive a referral gift after your Payoneer account has been activated.

This referral gift will essentially cater for most of the card maintenance cost for the initial year.

To receive this cash, utilize the link below for setting up your account.

Sign up for Payoneer and earn $25 (guaranteed!).

After the activation of your account, you can include it as a technique for withdrawing on Upwork or Odesk, Elance, Fiverr, Amazon, Freelancer, Infolinks, Commission Junction, etc.

It is extremely simple to include Payoneer to all these websites. You simply need to go to the part for finance or payment and just add Payoneer as a method of payment.

The second technique for registering is for you to sign in to Elance, Freelancer or Upwork and then sign up within your account for Elance, Upwork or Freelancer account.

This can be carried out by navigating to Manage, then to Financial Accounts. After this, scroll down and add ‘Payoneer’ as a method of withdrawal.



These two techniques have costs that vary a bit. For instance, when you register directly, this signifies you should pay a fee of $29.95each year beforehand.

When you register through Elance (Upwork) or other websites for freelance, you will need to pay a $5 activation cost and $3 maintenance cost for that month. After this, each month $3 or $1 for the months which follow; this is determined by how many transactions have taken place that month.

If your account lacks funds, the maintenance cost will be ignored. If you are like me and opt to pay a flat fee each year rather than paying maintenance cost each month, you need to register through the first technique.

Other costs are inclusive of cost for ‘immediate load’ selection which allows you to immediately load the amount withdrawn; this means in the following few hours for a $2.5 fee. In Kenya, after funds are loaded to your account you can use MasterCard and withdraw from the ATM.

Alternatively, you can use Skrill which loads your money directly to your mobile phone and you can withdraw through MPesa services from your mobile phone. This service is provided by Safaricom mobile service provider. Airtel Money is another service from Airtel mobile service provider that works the same way as MPesa. You can use these two depending on the telephone network you are registered with.

In case you are not in urgent need of your funds, use the option for ‘standard load’ for which there is no charge; however, for your funds to be loaded, it takes three days.

For each withdrawal from ATM, note that a charge of $2.5 will be imposed on your Payoneer account. Also, your local bank may also impose extra costs. In Nepal, usually banks charge $4 or Rs 400 as MasterCard’s’ ATM processing cost.

For Payoneer users in U.S. the withdrawal cost for ATM is just $1.35 and the banks in US even have withdrawal limits that are higher. Costs for are the same.

Similar to Odesk, Elance will completely merge with Upwork by the time 2015 ends. After this, it will not be necessary for you to make applications for new jobs or bid on Elance projects.

This signifies that soon you will need to shift your account for Elance to Upwork. It is extremely simple to shift your account for Elance to Upwork; therefore you should not be concerned. Also, you can request our existing clients to change to Upwork and go on working with them.

Compared to Elance though, Upwork is slightly costly. From Upwork, the cost of Payoneer transfer is $2. To lower this cost, organize your Payoneer transfers once or twice a month rather than weekly.

Local Payoneer Bank Transfer

Apart from withdrawing cash through MasterCard, Payoneer facilitates the inclusion of the local bank account you have for direct deposit. Some banks which have LBT or Payoneer local bank transfer are; Belgium, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Russia, Vietnam, United Kingdom (UK) etc.

Latest news: India and Bangladesh have been included also in the list of states in favor of Payoneer Local Bank Transfer. In similar manner, firms and businesses are able to utilize Payoneer Global Bank Transfer (GBT) to send money throughout the world via wire transfers, ACH or US Automated Clearing House or local bank transfer.

In some states, MasterCard is not offered; however, they let users make cash withdrawals from Payoneer account to the bank accounts in their locality. For instance, in India, RBI has restricted utilization of Payoneer MasterCard; however, Indian freelancers have the choice to include the bank accounts they have locally to their Payoneer account; this facilitates direct money deposits into Indian banks.


Latest Payoneer Feature – Obtain Payments from Credit Cards


Latest News (Aug 12, 2015)

Wonderful news! At last Payooneer supports obtaining payments from firms or people directly through credit card (MasterCard or VISA). This feature is lovely and has been awaited by a lot of freelancers.

Freelancers who have international direct clients can utilize Payoneer also to obtain payments. To utilize this feature, you require to just choose ‘request payment’ which is on navigation menu, under receive payment.


You will then require submitting payment specifics in a form. Simply key in the quantity of payment, kind of payment (for instance: freelance), depiction (for instance: logo design).

It is possible for you to ask for a maximum of $2000 for each payment; however, the customer can make payment of up to $10,000 each day, splitting it into five payments.

The second section requires you to submit details of payer, i.e. name, email address and state. Your client will obtain an email for payment request and then submit payment by pressing the button for ‘Pay Now.

Register with Payoneer now!


When Should Payoneer be Utilized?

Similar to any financial account, specific fees are charged by Payoneer; however, the cost is worth it as the pace of withdrawal is quick and the customer support is outstanding.

The Payoneer MasterCard operates worldwide which means you can utilize it on any state’s ATM. You are able to withdraw huge or small amounts from the ATMs in your locality depending on the restrictions on MasterCard withdrawal.

When I first started as a freelancer, I wholly utilized Payoneer prior to beginning the utilization of other techniques of obtaining payments. Currently, I utilize Payoneer for tiny withdrawals of up to $450 as this is the hugest quantity I can withdraw instantly from the ATMs in my locality.

For bigger transfers, I utilize one of the techniques of wire transfer on freelancing websites. You can study the next part which concerns techniques for wire transfer.

For huger transfers, I utilize one of the techniques for wire transfer on freelancing websites.


Using the Payoneer MasterCard, you are able to purchase apps, hosting plans as well as items from eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, NewEgg, etc. Buying online is totally free of cost. This is quite a relief!

As previously stated, the service for local bank transfer for Payoneer can be utilized as an optional technique which is quicker, compared to feature for local wire transfers on freelance websites.

Apart from freelancing websites, it is possible for your Payoneer account also to obtain payments from a lot of popular U.S. and EU firms such as Amazon associates, EBay, PayPal, Lazada, Infolinks and Commission Junction.

It is utilized a lot as well by Asia’s online sellers who desire to sell to global customers in America and Europe.

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