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August 9, 2016
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August 9, 2016

Online Freelance Careers For Everyone



Freelancing refers to being self employed and as such can work with or take projects from different clients whom one chooses to work for. Unlike the conventional job, where one gets a fixed salary and commits to one company, in freelancing one gets no salary. Instead one gets paid for the different projects undertaken from the different clients.

Freelancers decide the amount of work they want to take up and the hours they want to work on each projects undertaken as per the clients deadline. This means a freelancer can either agree or disagree to work on some projects depending on his/her schedule.

Freelancing jobs

Well depending on one’s skill there is virtually a wide variety of jobs that can be available online. As a freelancer one should be able to find what suits his/her perfectly. Some of these projects include:

* Article Writing

* Graphic Design

* Proofreading

* Editing

* Online Research

* Programming

* Copywriting

* Transcription

* Translation

* Data Entry

* Spreadsheet Work

* Virtual Personal Assistant

* Data Analysis

If one has a skill that is in demand the list becomes endless as there is a good chance that there is a client who will be posting jobs that suit you.

How to do the work

Once one has decided or identified the kind of projects he/she wants you can then bid for it and work depending on the field.

Journalism - Media houses are at all times on the lookout for breaking stories and if one is in the right place with a good eye the big story could be yours as a freelance journalist. Media houses are forever in a fierce competition so this is one area to really explore.

Writing – Freelancers can find this field as the most flexible, creative and open turf for freelancing. This is due to the fact that writing is so wide and one has to narrow down to the kind of writer he/she wants to be depending on the publication.

Webpage designers – There are so many small start-up businesses that would like to have a webpage but do not have the technical know how to set up there WebPages. Also since they are regularly updated clients can keep one busy throughout.

Data gathering - This is an expansive freely defined activity that involves collecting or entering data for clients to use in deal with their customer needs and preferences.

Consulting – Lots of businesses and individuals engage consultants to study issues of interest in various areas like personnel or project management, property, decorating, shopping, style and fashion.

Photography – This is another area that can be exciting with a large market be it media houses, advertisers among many others so long as one captures there eye.

How online freelancers get paid

Once the task is done and the client is satisfied that the whole lot is okay, the task is marked as complete. The client has to pay the agreed fee to the freelancer.

Depending on the website, some will engage an ‘Escrow’ system which guarantees honesty. In this case the client pays the money to the freelance website as soon as the job is awarded and they hold the funds until the job is marked as complete. In case of any dispute, the freelance website decides before the money is either paid over to the freelancer or refunded to the client.

Others where the tasks are carried out on an hourly basis, the freelancer has to clock in to the website and invoices billed according to the hours worked. The money is then sent to one’s bank account, by cheque, or any other payment method agreed upon. Some sites pay you through credit card which is loaded with your earnings.

Stand out from the crowd as a freelancer

Since there are some many freelancers out there bidding for the same task as you. One has to create a profile or portfolio that will enable him/her to stand out from the crowd. Therefore to do the following would be advisable:

Complete your profile

As a freelancer do not just fill in your name and education background and leave it at that as no one will pick you out for any job.

Highlight your skills

One has to say something unique or eye catching and the reasons why you are best suited for a certain job rather than someone else. How are you the best programmer, writer? Is it because you got creative mind, fantastic spelling and grammar skills – name them for the potential client to see.

Add a picture

Uploading a picture makes you stand out fast unlike those with the standard default profile image. Your picture should be professional, great and friendly for one to attract the clients

Get testimonies

After completing a good task get the clients to testify as to your good job on your profile this comes in handy in the future for potential clients.

Take Free Skills Tests

In case the websites offer free skills test it is good to take such to gauge your proficiency which is displayed on your profile. Say they have a free skill test about spelling and grammar. If one is hoping to freelance in writing then it is a good idea to take such a test since most clients are likely to pick one whom they have proof that he/she is good in writing with minimum spelling mistakes.Top-4-Freelance-Jobs-Websites

Good freelancers

To become a good freelancer one has to have a good command of the language the client is communicating with, mostly English, good vocabulary, creativity, excellent research abilities, good networking and be able to work for a long time with clients.

A good freelancer needs to work on a project basis with different client as long as one develops a well-structured and informative work plan. Note that there are many at home jobs that can provide one with the opportunity to make a decent amount of money. Being a freelancer can be one of the most profitable and rewarding jobs that can be done at home. So much so that many freelancers rely on this profession and work full-time.

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