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August 9, 2016
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August 9, 2016

How to Make Money Online from Research Writing?


Are you a college student looking to make a quick buck on the side? Or are you a recent graduate who wants to make an extra income to pay for the rent? Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to supplement the family income. Research writing is just for you. It’s easy, pays good money and anyone with a decent education can do it.
As a research writer, you can make anything from $2.5 to $25 per page. You decide how much work you want to get and the time you need to finish an assignment. You can select the topics that you feel comfortable with. After a few months as a research writer, you will be making hundreds of dollars a week.

How to Become a Research Writer?
Anyone can become a research writer. You will need to have a good command of English and should know how to use Google and other search engine to research and compile accurate information from the internet. You don’t need to have a university degree, but it does get you noticed faster if you have one, especially in a topic that the client wants a research paper on. As a research writer, you will be working on highly specialized papers such as dissertation or a Masters’ thesis. So you will need to be competent at what you do.

How to Make Money Online from Research Writing?
There are several websites that offer good money for research writing. Most of these sites pay you upfront – which means the client pays the website on making the order, and you will get paid immediately after the work gets approved. The pay for research writing varies from one site to another, but generally it ranges from $5 to $20 per page. A page equals 275 words.
If there’s one thing that you must avoid as a research writer – it’s plagiarism, for obvious reasons. You are not allowed to duplicate someone else’s work. Always make it a point to mention the source of any material used in your work. You cannot afford to be seen as a plagiarist as a research writer.


Sites that Pay You Good Money for Research Writing

Let’s look at some of the sites that pay well for research writing.

Prospect Solution []
Prospect Solution pays much better than most of the other academic writing sites, but they expect work of the highest quality. They have very strict standards and deduct pay if a client is unsatisfied with a writer’s work. You will need to submit a proof of your educational qualifications to get approved on Prospect Solution.

Academic-Research pays well to research writers, but you’ll need to be a level 2 writer on the site to take advantage of its features, such as picking jobs of your choice. If you are not a level 2 writer, you will need to bid for jobs like everyone else. Payments at Academic-Research start at $5 per page. gets excellent traffic and you will never have trouble finding work here, as long as you are prepared to cut your prices. The payment per page starts at $2.5, which is pretty low. But the big advantage is that you don’t have to bid for orders on this site – you can claim any assignments that are floating around, up to three at a time.
It’s not easy to get an account on, which has very strict standards. But the pay is great. You can make $20 per page here, which is as good as it gets in research writing.

UvoCorp is one of the best sites for research writers that pays very competitive rates, starting at $5 per page, but which can go up to $20 per page. It’s not easy to get an account on UvoCorp, though.

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