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August 9, 2016
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August 9, 2016

How to Make Money Online from Creative Writing?


Creative writing is one of the most enjoyable ways to make money, especially if you have the talent for it. With the rise of the Internet and the self-publishing industry, there’s a huge demand for creative writers today. Poets and novels that previously used to go unsold, now can be sold for profit as eBooks on Amazon or earn passive income on revenue sharing sites such as Squidoo.com. You can certainly make money online from creative writing.

How to make money online from Creative Writing?
Sign up for revenue-sharing websites

Sign up on sites such as Squidoo.com, Triond.com and AssociatedContent.com that pay based on a revenue sharing model. That means they pay you on the amount of traffic you get for them. More traffic equates to more clicks, which means more money from Adsense.

Join freelance websites that pay you upfront

Freelance websites such as Elance.com, Upwork.com and Guru.com pay you upfront for your creative writing. These sites get a plenty of traffic, so getting orders should not be a problem. Elance.com pays the best rates for freelance creative writers. Upwork.com gets you more work but has a competitive bidding process. Guru.com is a decent alternative to Elance.com., but gets less traffic.

Sell eBooks

The introduction of Amazon Kindle has opened up several excellent opportunities for creative writers. creative-writingYou can now get the novels and poems you had written in the past, self-published on Amazon, or on indie publishing sites such as Smashwords. You don’t have to rely on a traditional publisher anymore to get your work across to the reading public. The economics of self-publishing are such that you will make more by selling many eBooks for $2.99, than by selling a few traditionally-published books for, say, $22.99.

Start blogging

You can have your own writing platform such as a blog and a personal web site. Use the blog to showcase your talent, attract a new audience, market yourself as an author and to sell your books. You can monetize the blog by inserting ads from Google Adsense. You can make money from the blog by joining an affiliate program such as Clickbank or Amazon as well.

Participate in creative writing contests.

Another way to make money from creative writing is to enter creative writing contests. Creative writing contests cover short stories, long pieces, fiction and non-fiction. Most creative writing contests are free to join, but some charge a small fee. If you are really talented, you can make a lot of money by winning these contests. Also, winning a creative writing competition is a great way to embellish your freelance writing portfolio.

Become a creative writing coach

With the rise of the self-publishing industry that we talked about, a lot of people are taking to writing as a profession. So, there’s a huge demand for creative writing coaches. You can take advantage of this by offering online webinars and classes to teach creative writing to aspiring young writers around the world. You can earn a decent income as a writing coach. For example, you can charge $150 for a 2 week online class. So, if 10 students sign up, on an average, that’s $1,500 in 2 weeks for you. This is not a bad way to make money, but you will need to have at least a couple of decent books published in your name to be taken seriously as a creative writing coach.

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