How to Make Money Online from Article Writing
August 9, 2016
How to Make Money Online By Editing Articles?
August 9, 2016

How to Make Money Online from Academic Writing


Have you considered making money online from academic writing? Academic writing or research writing involves writing research papers, dissertations, thesis, assignments and essays for college students, professors, academic journals, online tutorials, etc. As an academic writer, you will be given a topic by your client along with an upfront payment, following which you will be required to deliver the assignment within a scheduled time frame. Any payment you receive depends on the freelance site that you use for your work.

So, is Academic Writing for You?academic-writing
If you are someone who is reasonably well educated – you should have a college degree, or at least be an undergraduate – and have reasonable writing skills, then there is no reason why you cannot try academic. You will need to know how to do research on the internet, which basically means knowing how to use Google or Bing – so this shouldn’t be too hard for you. Much of the information you need is likely be available on the internet. If not, be sure to ask the client for other reference material, such as eBooks and documents.

All you really need to do as an academic writer or a research writer is to look for the relevant information on a topic and paraphrase, based on the instructions given to you. Of course, it helps if you have specialized in the topics that are given to you, this makes it easier to ghostwrite a thesis or dissertation for a client. The most important requirement in academic writing is to deliver work of a high quality, which is free from grammatical errors and has been fact checked for any inaccuracies.

Making Money Online from Academic Writing…

Any reasonably educated person can make money from academic writing. But it's important to pay attention to the little details such as formatting the papers according to a style requested by the client, such as Harvard, APA or MLA. Follow the instructions to a T, and deliver the work within the deadline. Respond to any inquiries made by clients quickly and courteously. Here are some of the academic writing sites that will pay you good money for producing quality work… pays up to $20 per page, and is very popular with those looking for professional academic writers. You won’t find it hard to get noticed on WriterBay, but you’ll need a few great initial reviews to get going. Payments are made on the 16th of every month. doesn’t pay much, but gets a lot of traffic. It is a good choice for those who are just getting into academic writing. Payments can start from as little as $2.5 per paper. You will be paid once in every 14 days here. You can make anything from $5 to $20 per page on UvoCorp. It is good money for beginners and you will have no trouble finding work here. UvoCorp has a very friendly team of editors who are always fair to the writers and resolve problematic issues on an immediate basis.

Academia- Research: Academia-Research is another great site for academic writing or research writing jobs. You won’t find it hard to get orders here, but have to be a level 2 writer to be able to pick any work of your choice. As a beginner, you will need to bid for projects just like everyone else. It helps to have a specialized knowledge of the topics that you’re bidding for.

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