How to Find Affiliate Programs
August 9, 2016
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
August 9, 2016

How to Identify Affiliate Sites


One of the keys to success in Internet marketing is knowing how to identify affiliate sites. Merchants need to find affiliates who can send them a lot of visitors and new sales, and publishers need to find lucrative affiliate programs which will help them adequately monetize their websites and blogs. So how does this work?

Affiliate Networks – How to Identify Affiliate Sites

The best way to find a large number of merchant programs or affiliates is to sign up with an affiliate network. They have listings of programs in different industry sectors, and a large pool of publishers waiting to sign up for any new programs they find interesting.

The best part if that the network does all the hard work. They will allow only reputed publishers and merchants to sign up, and further verification is done when a publisher tries to sign up for a specific program. Secondly, they use their secure platform to manage everything from signups to ad materials, tracking links and sales commission payouts.

All that merchants and publishers have to do is log in and check their dashboard to view stats and take any required actions.

Web Search – How to Identify Affiliate Sites

Another good way to identify affiliate sites is to use the right keywords to do a web search. Depending on your industry and sector, you can find at least half a dozen good programs on the first page of 10 search results. For example, this search query - “job search affiliate program” will give you a list of the world’s topmost affiliate programs related to job search.itunes_-_the_affiliate_program

Note that most of these programs will also be a part of an affiliate network, so you may in the end need to sign up with the network even if you find a specific program directly on the web. For merchants, this is a good way to find the most popular sites in your sector and invite them to join your affiliate program. If they are coming up in the first 10 results on search engines, this means that they get a lot of traffic, which in turn means that they can send you a lot of visitors.

In any case, doing a web search will show you how to identify affiliate sites in your sector that are most popular. You should then sign up with them regardless of whether they are independent programs or part of a network.

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