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August 8, 2016
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August 8, 2016

10 Practical Freelance Writing Ideas and Tips


Are you looking for some practical freelance writing ideas and tips to get started? Okay, so here’s your first tip – take your work as a freelance writer seriously, even if it’s something you only do part-time, say for 2 or 3 hours a day. You will need to be professional in the way you interact with clients and put a real effort into marketing yourself as a writer as well.
Here are 10 practical freelance writing ideas and tips to help you get started.
Tip #1: Do your research and find out what’s a suitable pay for someone of your experience on the website where you are starting out. You will need to work at the lower end of the pay scale at the beginning of your career as a freelance writer, but don’t make this an excuse to accept work for a meager pay. Respect your time and don’t waste time on large projects that pay very little, even if you are just starting out.
Tip #2: It is important to have a professional work environment at home. Set up a dedicated home office or workspace, one that is well organized and has all the equipment you need for your work. Make sure that you don’t get disturbed when working. If you have small children, arrange for someone to look after them while you are busy with your work.
Tip #3: As a freelance writer, you will need to bid for jobs on sites such as Elance and Upwork. It is important that you should take the bidding process seriously, and take every correspondence addressed to a client as though it were an assignment. Make sure your correspondence is professional, and free from any typos or grammatical errors.
Tip #4: As a freelance writer, you will need to market yourself relentlessly. This means using a combination of old and new advertising strategies. Don’t be afraid to use flyers and newspaper ads. Be sure to post ads on online marketplaces, especially on sites such as LinkedIn and Craigslist.

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Tip #5: Build professional relationships with other freelancers, such as graphic designers, website developers, SEO professionals and even other freelance writers. Be sure to recommend someone else if you are too busy to accept an assignment, maybe they will return the favor later. Remember, other freelancers are your colleagues; they are not your enemies.
Tip #6: One of the most important freelance writing ideas and tips we could give you is not to miss deadlines at any cost. Even if you have to miss a deadline, make it a point to communicate with your clients beforehand. Explain your reasons for the delay and offer a new deadline date. Make sure to deliver on the promise this time.
Tip #7: As a freelance writer, be ready and willing to accept requests for revisions or scheduling changes. You will need to be prepared for anything and be flexible about it. Of course, don’t be afraid to say no to unreasonable demands.
Tip #8: Insist on getting paid immediately after delivering the work. Getting paid on time should not be a problem if you work on sites that offer upfront payment such as,, or So it’s always better to accept work from clients through such websites.
Tip #9: Remember the Pareto Principle – 80% of your profits come from 20% of your clients. Prioritize clients who are important to you, repeat clients who have been with you for a long time. As a freelance writer, you will make most of your money from repeat clients.
Tip #10: Communicate with your clients on a regular basis. If you are not sure about an order requirement or a topic, ask them about it. If there’s anything more you need from them, just ask. If there’s going to be a delay with the delivery, inform your client about it.

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