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August 9, 2016
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The Importance of a good cover letter


A cover letter is a text that is filed together with a resume or CV when applying for certain job position. Many people are unaware of the significance of cover letters and they use them as a piece of paper that should make the resume livelier or simply consider it as a decoration. Since the resume or CV contains all the information about our experience, education and skills, most people think that the CV is more important than the cover letter, but that’s wrong. In order to understand the importance of a cover letter we will first explain what it means.

A cover letter is used as a way to introduce yourself to the employer and explain what the reason behind your interest in their job offer is. In addition, you should also tell them what you think about the job position you are aiming and why they should choose you instead of other candidates. Once the recruitment office reads the cover letter they will decide whether you will be called for an interview or your application will be kept in a drawer. Now that you know why this piece of paper is so important, it is time to write one.

There are many things that you should take into consideration when creating a cover letter. What is important is to leave enough time to write a good cover letter. Never perform this activity in a hurry. Keep in mind that the professionals that work in the company where you want to work will read the letter carefully which means that the letter must appear professional.

One of the mistakes that many people make when they are making a cover letter is the fact that they make long cover letters. The fact is that you are not writing a novel about your life. You just need to point out some important things about yourself and your thoughts about the work, so write a brief letter which shouldn’t be more than one page long. If this document is too long, it is very likely that the person who will read it will get bored and throw it away. Remember that they have dozens of letters to read and don’t have the time to read a ten-page cover letter. If you want an effective and short letter, you need to separate it into three different parts. Each paragraph should contain specific information useful for the reader (recruitment officer).

In the first paragraph you should tell who you are and how did you find out about the job offer. In the second paragraph you should show them why you are the right person for that position. Talk about your education and your experience. This information will show the reader that you are a suitable candidate. In the last paragraph, highlight your knowledge about the company. For instance, you can focus on their mission and goals and how they match your own goals and vision.

We hope that this article will help you create the perfect cover letter.

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