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August 8, 2016
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August 9, 2016

Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams


Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost effective channels of both online and offline marketing for merchants selling all kind of products and services. However, it also has a tarnished reputation due to the nature of the system that attracts some unsavory operators looking to make a quick buck or two. People tired of avoiding affiliate marketing scams simply stay away from the whole thing altogether.

Allow us to list some of the common pitfalls that you might fall prey to in this field. We’ll also show you how to stay safe while making use of this highly useful marketing channel.

Pitfalls in Affiliate Marketing

The most common issue is that affiliates trying to sell a merchant’s product or service fulfill their end of the transaction by generating sales, but the merchant then fails to deliver. So the customer then holds the affiliate responsible. Some merchants also fail to pay affiliates who have generated sales.

There’s also the question of whether the merchant is capable of running this program. If a merchant is unable to properly track and manage the program, then it can quickly devolve into a mess. Another common pitfall is pyramid marketing, where the merchant allows affiliates to be resellers who then appoint their own resellers and so on. When an affiliate program is combined with a pyramid scheme, it becomes a danger to everyone in the line.

On the other hand, affiliates can cause a problem for merchants by resorting to improper methods of attracting and sending visitors to the merchant’s site or store.

Tips For Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

The easiest way of avoiding affiliate marketing scams is to make use of affiliate networks. They do all the hard work of making sure that merchants are running an honest program, and also that affiliates are advertising and sending visitors as per the guidelines of the merchant and network.images

Many affiliate networks have guidelines on how publishers can make use of ads and links. Many merchants furthermore reserve the right to reject affiliates, and will not accept sites and blogs that do not meet their standards or company policies.

Another thing you can do for affiliate marketing scams is to opt to start or join only performance-based programs that pay for sales, as opposed to programs that pay for traffic (clicks, views, unique visitors, etc.). This ensures that both merchant and affiliate profit from the arrangement, and only earn for completed sales.

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