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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


If you have just started a business that needs you to clock up online sales, then you will probably need to take a refresher course on affiliate marketing for beginners. This particular channel doesn’t need you to market your products or services. Instead, you market your affiliate program and sign up as many publishers as you can, and they do the selling for you.

That’s obviously a simplistic summary in a nutshell, so let’s take a deeper look at affiliate marketing for beginners.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The basic idea is that you, as a merchant, pay publishers per referred sale. Publishers who sign up as affiliates will send you traffic, and you track visitors sent by each affiliate using unique tracking links given to each of them. So you (or rather your affiliate program software) know which affiliate should be credited and paid a commission when a visitor buys one of your products/services.

The program manages everything from memberships to generating unique tracking links and the payment processing for referred sales. All you have to do is approve an affiliate who applies, and then keep an eye on how the program is doing its job.

It could be even simpler if you sign up with an affiliate network as a merchant, and set up your program through their platform. In this case, they handle all the work mentioned above, so you don’t even have to do all the basic installation and software administration needed.affiliate-marketing

Making Use of Affiliate Networks

It’s also safer, because the network sets certain standards that keep out all the people you don’t want as affiliates. The network verifies that each of their publishers has a proper website or blog that meets their criteria and that of the merchant program a publisher is applying to join. This means you don’t even have to do the simple task of checking out an affiliate before approving them.

Another advantage of using affiliate networks is that they have a large pool of affiliates, so it makes affiliate marketing for beginners even easier. You start a program, and the network’s ready pool of publishers starts signing up. If they find that your program is working well and producing sales, they will put in even more efforts and put your tracking links and ads on more pages and websites. So all you have to do is create an affiliate program, and then sit back and watch the sales roll in.

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